September 29, 2023

About Us

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Since 2021

Louisiana Charter Guide Referral was founded and implemented by Wanda Stewart  5 Experts

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Our History

So many Times Wanda has been asked for a referral to a Fishing Guide so below is a small synopsis of how this site came about. Wanda loves Fishing in The great Sportsmans Paradise called Louisiana and she is a great ambassador for all that involves a day on the water or hosting and coordinating fishing events, such as seminars, tournaments, getting kids out to fish, volunteering, conservation, helping other women find their niche in the great outdoors.


Over the past seven years, Wanda has met and fished with numerous guides across the U S always looking for new ways to promote their business at no cost to the guide. Wanda often mentioned her idea and the small yearly fee to anyone who owned a business that was related to fishing or who had a passion for fishing, and to her surprise she was told build it and we will support it. So many had great memories of fishing with a fishing guide that they wanted to support Wanda’s idea to build a site strictly for Louisiana Charter Guides after seeing them band from numerous fishing pages on social media, with no cost to the guides and maybe add Florida, Mississippi and Texas at a later date. All Links go back to the Guides Page or site. We are simply a catalyst to promote all under one umbrella. If you want to add your business or support our guides please contact Wanda Stewart at

If you don’t wish to have your guide service listed and it is already on our site, simply send an email to request removal.

Our Promise

We are here to support our local fishing guides and are enlisting others to help. All comments are welcome.